The Avengers: Bruce Banner/The Hulk



Poor Banner

Mark Ruffalo is reblogging gifs of himself and commenting on his characters. My life is complete.

whitefluffyhat said:  Who is your favorite Avenger??


He’s - I can’t even begin to explain how much I love him. He has to be guarded because of who is, because of who else lurks inside his head, but at the same time he’s so incredibly vulnerable. He’s a ticking time bomb, and he’s in this constant struggle between cutting the red wire and letting the explosion loose. The Hulk has the ability to do good, but only in the most destructive manner possible. And Bruce is his keeper, IS him.

And also Mark Ruffalo played him so adorably okay okay.


avengers au where clint’s got his hearing aids but he turns them off when hes bored so that he can try to decipher what everyones saying
and no one knows he does it but they think its weird when he misses huge gaps of a story or throws in an oddly specific detail that never happened or gets a name really wrong on an official report
tony and nat try to piece together whats happening through increasingly convoluted ways that may result in more than a few injuries
steves convinced its just something left over from when loki was in his head and he keeps trying to get sam to talk to him about it
bruce starts trying to develop a new hearing aid that’ll register the sound better (clint accepts them and then proceeds to continue turning those ones off too)
and then one day thor’s telling a story about loki’s embarrassing childhood and he just offhandedly says ‘tell barton to turn his ears on, he will like the next part’ and the room just goes quiet as they realize theres absolutely nothing wrong with clint hes just been being a shit the entire time

Avengers + iconic lines


fangirl challenge: female characters [3/10] » maria hill

The Avengers (2012)

Here comes the thunder



#possibly the best moment in this movie really tho #zero people were expecting that

Including Loki

Shall we play, doctor?

I don’t want to kill anyone. I don’t like bullies. I don’t care where they’re from.

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